Emily and Jacob 5-17-14

Dennis and Mike went to Casa Bianca for Emily and Jacob's wedding in May. We loved being a part of their big day! This family was so warm and open hearted! Thanks for letting us capture your wedding day!

Diana and Mark 5-2-14

Once again we had Dennis and Elise at Perona Farms. This time for the beautiful bride and handsome groom Diana and Mark. The way this couple looks at each other is simply irrevocable, the definition of true love. We wish you the best in your new life together!

Danah and Ed 5-16-14

This wedding was a real treat! Dennis had a blast at Lake Mohawk with Danah and Ed. Although Danah was the star of the show, her flower girls were sure a close second. Despite the rain May day, this couple didn't let the weather get to them. It was a beautiful inside ceremony, and a crazy party of a reception! 

Corey and Brian 5-3-14

Although big and boistrous weddings are always fun and you can never know what to expect, Corey and Brian's small fire house wedding was just as much a treat! The weather might not have cooperated with us the entire day, but when the rainbow came out, Dennis couldn't resist just a few shots! 

Ashley and Bruce 5-30-14

Ashley and Bruce were a ball! Dennis and Mike had the best time at their Royal manor wedding in May! From the goofy brides maids, to the funny groomsmen, this wedding was most definitely something to remember for everyone! 

Our Favorite Venues!

Being located in north-western New Jersey, its very easy for us to travel into New York and Pennsylvania. They both hold some very beautiful and elegant places for weddings, but when it comes down to it, our favorites are all quite close to home!
Perona Farms, Lake Mohawk, and Davids Country Inn are all practically neighbors to the DBecker Studio. 
New Jersey is full of wonderful and breath-taking venues! If your not sure where you want YOUR wedding to be, stop by the studio and we can give you plenty of ideas!!!

(Perona Farms)

(Lake Mohawk Country Club)

 (Crystal Springs Resort)

Silly silly silly...

At D.Becker Photo, we LOVE when we get a silly group to work with. Having a wedding party be goofy is the best way to get great photos and great memories. Whats the need to be all proper and posed all the time? Crack a beer, show a little leg, and laugh until you snort! Your wedding day is supposed to be filled with laughs and memories, its up to you to make them, we just capture them!

Sandra and Andrew 3-1-14

Sandra and Andrew had a gorgeous wedding at Meadow Woods. Dennis and Dave felt right at home with this easy-going couple. The love they have for each other was tangible in the air between them. It was a pleasure sharing this day with you guys!

Samantha and Robert 2-1-14

Its always a refreshing to have a silly couple. Samantha and Robert made our job super easy at David's Country Inn. A couple that laughs together, stays together. Torri and Sarah left this wedding with huge smiles and great memories, these two reminded us that you're never too old to be a little goofy!

Will and Kim 3-8-14

Its always an honor being asked to capture the moments of a couples special day. Even more so when its friends or family that would like us to be a part of it. Dennis had an amazing time in Washington D.C. with Will and Kim at the extravagant Hotel Monaco. A beautiful venue to compliment this beautiful couple.

Kellie and Brandon 3-22-14

Kellie and Brandon were such a delight to work with at their Minerals Resort wedding. Who doesn't love a man in uniform?! And this stunning bride was a sight to see. Dennis and Janine had just as much fun with this couple as the guests! Such a beautiful day with a beautiful couple.

Katelyn and Alex 3-22-14

Katelyn and Alex's wedding left Torri and Janine with huge smiles! The weather was amazing as well as the bridal party! It was a pleasure working with such a funny and silly bunch. From a beautiful outdoor ceremony to a fun filled inside reception, this Stroudsmoor wedding was awesome!

Amanda and Talon 3-29-14

Amanda and Talon had a beautiful wedding at the gorgeous Casa Bianca! From our stunning bride to the energetic guests, this wedding was loads of fun! Dennis and Elisa could not have asked for a better couple. Despite the rain, everyone had an awesome time!

Christina and Clinton 4-12-14

Christina and Clinton's love story is one for the books. The love they have for each other in their eyes is nothing short of heart warming. Their wedding day was beautiful and sunny, Dennis and Elisa had so much fun! This Skyview wedding was definitely one to remember! Congratulations Christina and Clinton!

5 things you should be looking at when you see a photographers work!

Exposure: A brides' dress is one of the most important features of the wedding day!  When you look a photographers work, look at the dresses!  Are the dresses blown out, meaning are they so white and bright you can no longer see any detail on the dress?  If that is the case, then you don't want that photographer!

The example image to the left shows a bride on a bright sunny day. As you can see, at D. Becker Photo we know how to compensate for bright sun and lovely white dresses so you can still see all the details in her dress. 


Posing: For formal posed images, look at how groups are posed.  Are they all connected if they are family? Can you see Uncle Harry way in the back clearly?  Do the people in the posed images look happy?  In a formal posed image, the people should all be standing similar to each other. Meaning, all the ladies should have their feet the same, feet together, toes pointed slightly toward the center. Or leg closest to the middle slightly stepped back, forward foot pointed toward the photographer. Men should have feet shoulder width apart turned slightly towards the center. Remember this is only for formal posed images.


Samples: Ask for samples of work! Ask to see a completed product exactly like you will receive that shows you one wedding from start to finish? Ask is this sample from the actual photographer who will be at your wedding or someone else on the staff? D. Becker Photo can show you a full wedding from start to finish. We would even be happy to show you an unedited wedding if you would like! When you come to visit with us, the images that we show you will belong to the photographer who will be present at your wedding...we will not show you another persons work and switch people!

Style: What is the photographers artistic style? Do they shoot traditional poses, or have a more photojournalistic approach, or is it mixed? Do they like to shoot in the studio or at different locations, as well as on the wedding day? Ask to see examples of an entire wedding day shoot to see how you might tell a wedding day “story”?

D. Becker Photo will happily show you a full wedding. We know how the day flows better than the bride and groom! At D. Becker Photo, we are all trained to take classic traditional poses and portraits. Many photographers are not.  We are also trained in a photojournalistic approach to weddings. This gives images a very different feel from the traditional poses. D. Becker Photographers are so unobtrusive many times you have no idea we just took an image of you! D. Becker Photo strives to give you a beautiful mix of Classic, Artistic and Photojournalistic Images on your wedding day.

At D. Becker Photo, we have a professional photography studio in the office. And we always love to photograph on location.


Lighting:  Are images in the reception properly lit so you can see the entire room, not just the people on the dance floor.  Some venues have are very dark inside to give you beautiful ambiance from candles, and up-lighting. This can be tricky for an inexperienced photographer. At D. Becker Photo, we bring the lighting with us. We carry external lighting to give you a 3D lighting effect at your wedding. The backgrounds should not be black or dim, they should be properly lit so you can see every corner of the room.

Was this helpful? Please leave a comment to let us know what you think!

Check in to see our tips on what your 
Wedding Day Photographer should be offering you!

Click here to see our latest work.

Caitlin & Chris - Engagement Session at Kittatinny State Park

Images by Dennis
Congratulations on your engagement Caitlin & Chris! Such a cute couple and the sunshine at Kittatinny was just perfect! We can't wait to join you for your wedding in July!

Saysha & Ray 10.06.2013

From the first time we met with Saysha & Ray for their engagement session, we just knew their wedding would be as fun as it was. It was a gorgeous fall day at The Inn at Mill Race Pond. Peggy at the inn did their floral arrangements too. We had such a great time with the happy couple, their friends & family. Ray was so handsome and his 'boys' were especially funny! Saysha didn't stop smiling the entire time and looked just stunning in that dress! Congratulations to Saysha & Ray!
Images by Dennis & Myke


Tara & Justin - Engagement Session at D Becker Photo Studio

Images by Dennis
Another great engagement session at the studio. Tara and Justin are definitely in love. Congratulations from all of us here at D Becker Photo!! We look forward to spending time with you next November capturing beautiful happy memories. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your special day!

Regina & Kyle 09.21.13

Regina and Kyle let us share in their special day with their awesome family & friends at Perona Farms. It was such a lovely day for a wedding. They looked so in love dancing to their first song 'How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You'. Best wishes to the happy couple! - at Perona Farms

Images by Torri

Niurka & Daniel 10.05.13

We had a fantastic time with Niurka & Daniel! Both of them were so beautiful, it was easy getting gorgeous pictures. Their family and friends were so much fun too. It has been awhile since we were at Excelsior, so we had a blast! Cheers to the happy couple! -at The Excelsior of Saddle Brook
Images by Dennis and Torri

Jessica & Brett 09.28.13

It was another beautiful day at Perona Farms spent with a really fun bride and groom. I don't think Jessica stopped smiling for one minute the entire day! Except when she was smooching her handsome groom of course. 
Images by Dennis and Torri

Did you see how vibrant and pretty their flowers were? They were perfectly done by our friends at Floriography. We got a ton of really cool photos of Jessica & Brett's friends and family celebrating with them. Is was super easy - everyone was so happy! Thank you for letting us be a part of it. Congratulations!  - at Perona Farms

Lauren & Patrick - Engagement Session at D Becker Photo Studio

Images by Dennis

Such a cute couple! Lauren and Patrick were so much fun to work with. We can't wait to photograph their wedding next month. Be sure to check back in November to see their wedding photos.

Rachel & Boaz 09.29.13

What a gorgeous & sunny day for a wedding at Lake Mohawk Country Club! Rachel and Boaz were such a joy to work with. Doesn't she look beautiful? Boaz doesn't look too shabby himself - what a handsome man!
Images by Dennis & Torri

The gorgeous flowers were done by our good friend Eileen at Ibranyi is Floral. We couldn't have asked for a more magical day. We enjoyed spending the day with the happy couple, their family and friends. Cheers & best wishes to them and their new life together in China!

Courtney & Christian 9.21.13


Images by Elisa & Mike
What a beautiful couple! Constant laughing and smiling all through the day made this wedding such an enjoyable time for us! Thank you Courtney and Christian as well as your friends and family for making our work with you effortless! - at The Inn at Millrace Pond


Elizabeth & Jason 9.7.13

Images by Torri
What a stunning day for a wedding! Rutherford Hall was the perfect setting for the happy new couple's celebration. Elizabeth looked beautiful and Jason was so handsome. Thanks to them both for letting us share their day! - at Rutherfurd Hall

Kelsey & Jim 9.14.13

Images by Elisa and Chantel
Kelsey & Jim were so much fun to work with! Such a lovely day with a beautiful couple. Cheers to them both!

Debbie & Pat 9.14.13

Images by Dave
Doesn't Debbie look gorgeous!? What a great day with friends & family celebrating the their special day. Congratulations! - at Portofino's

Erin & Chuck 9.21.2013

Images by Dennis and Chantel

What a beautiful first fall weekend of the year - just perfect for a wedding. We had a great time making lasting memories with Erin and Chuck and their families! Thank you both so much for letting us share it with you! Cheers! - at Skytop Lodge

Jessica & Andrew 9.7.2013

Images by Dennis and Chantel
What a stunning day for a wedding. Jessica and Andrew were beautiful together. With such a good looking bride and groom and a good looking bridal party it was as a bonus for us! How could we not get amazing pictures? - at Grand Cascades Lodge